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1999 Virginia Pork Industry Conference
"Meeting Our Challenges"

Livestock Update, January 1999

Allen Harper, Extension Animal Scientist, Swine, Tidewater AREC

Thursday, January 21
8:00 AM - 12 Noon    Conference Registration
Morning Session - Matt Miles, Moderator
9:30 AMWhat's Ahead for Manure Nutrient Management on Hog Farms
Tom Simpson, Maryland Dept. of Agriculture, Annapolis, Md.
10:20 AMDoes Phytase Use Pay?
Allen Harper, Extension Swine Specialist, VA Tech Tidewater AREC, Suffolk, Va.
10:45 AMBreak - Sponsor Visitation
11:00 AMGetting Our Message Across - How Pork Producers Can Do A Better Job Informing The Public
Jay Poole, Director of Agricultural Relations, Phillip Morris Co., Richmond, Va.
11:50 AMBreak for lunch
Afternoon Session - Cindy Wood, Moderator
1:15 PMKey Factors in Farrowing Room Management
Tom Fangman, D.V.M., Univ. of Missouri, Columbia, Mo.
2:15 PMBreak - Sponsor Visitation
2:30 PMKey Factors for Efficient Management of Finisher Hogs Ken Kephart, Swine Specialist, Penn State Univ., University Park, Pa.
3:45 PMVirginia Pork Industry Association Annual Business Meeting
All Pork Producers and Related Industry Persons are encouraged to participate.
4:45 PMConference Social
Don Horsley, President, Virginia Pork Industry Association, Presiding

Keynote address:
The Way The World Works - Marketing Challenges and Opportunities for U.S. Pork
Raoul Baxter, Vice Pres. - Corporate Development, Smithfield Foods, Inc., Smithfield, Va.
Friday, January 22
7:30 AMVirginia Pork Industry Board and Association Breakfast
8:30 AMVirginia Pork Industry Board Meeting
10:30 AMPost Conference Pork Quality Assurance Meeting

Those needing registration information contact Allen Harper at email or 757-657-6450, ext. 106, or Linda Byrd-Masters at extension 126.

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