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Virginia Tech Livestock and Poultry Youth Weekend, March 5-6, 1999

Livestock Update, February 1999

Mark Wahlberg, Extension Animal Scientist, 4-H Livestock, Animal and Poultry Sciences, Virginia Tech

The Department of Animal and Poultry Sciences at Virginia Tech is pleased to announce the fourth annual Virginia Tech Livestock and Poultry Youth Weekend. Program sessions will involve work with high technology applications of science with animals. Cutting edge topics will dominate the schedule. For example: what does ultrasound do and what can it tell us; delivering a live calf and dealing with dystocia; learning how animals digest their feed; and many more timely topics. Every subject will have direct application to animal production. There will also be topics to help participants see how they fit into the world of livestock production and animal science.

Blocks of rooms have been reserved for use by those attending the VIRGINIA TECH LIVESTOCK AND POULTRY YOUTH WEEKEND. Please call to make your own reservations and tell them you wish to reserve a room on the Animal & Poultry Sciences Dept. block of rooms to receive the rates listed below. All room rates are for up to four (4) persons. All rooms will be released on February 12, 1999.

Best Western Red Lion Inn540-552-7770   Comfort Inn540-951-1500
900 Plantation Rd.$55 plus tax3705 South Main St.$56 plus tax
Blacksburg, VA. 24060Blacksburg, VA. 24060Indoor Pool

Please complete the attached form to register. There are just a few details that apply:

  1. Youth must be at least 9th grade in school
  2. Registration fee is $20.00 per person to be prepaid
  3. Registration fee is nonrefundable unless the entire event is canceled
  4. Registration forms must be postmarked by February 19, 1999

Fill out, detach and mail by February 19, 1999 to:

Mark L. Wahlberg
Dept. of Animal and Poultry Sciences (0306)
Virginia Tech
372 Litton Reaves Hall
Blacksburg, Virginia 24061

(Please Print or Type)

___________________________________No. of Youth 9th grade or older_________

___________________________________No. of Adults_________


___________________________________Registration Fee - $20.00/person prepaid
Checks Payable to: Virginia 4-H Foundation
$ _________

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