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1999 Beef Expo
Youth Program
Virginia Horse Center, Lexington

Livestock Update, February 1999

Mark Wahlberg, Extension Animal Scientist, 4-H Livestock, Animal and Poultry Sciences, Virginia Tech

The Virginia Beef Expo has moved to a new location for 1999. It will be conducted at the Virginia Horse Center at Lexington, Virginia. This site offers the opportunity to conduct many more events simultaneously. Consequently, the youth cattle shows will be fit into the 2-day schedule of the Expo.

Below is the schedule for the youth events to be held at the Expo. More details will be forthcoming. Information about entries will be coming from the junior breed associations soon. For information about the cattle sales and trade show, contact the show manager, Jim Johnson, at the Virginia Cattlemens Association office, (540) 992-1009.

Friday, April 24
6:00 pmYouth Cattle must be in place
Sign up for Showmanship
8:00 pmWeigh and Hip Height Measurement for Youth Steers
Saturday, April 25
8 -- 10 amShowmanship Competition for Youth Exhibitors -- Moore Arena, Showrings 1 & 2
8 -- 12 amYouth and Adult Stockmans Contest -- Main Level of Anderson Coliseum
10 am -- 1 pmYouth Angus Show -- Moore Arena, Showring 1
10 -- 12 amYouth Simmental Show -- Moore Arena, Showring 2
10 am -- 2 pmForage Knowledge Contest -- Main Level of Anderson Coliseum
12 -- 12:30 pmYouth Red Angus Show -- Moore Arena, Showring 2
12:30 -- 1 pmYouth Show for Other Breeds of Registered Heifers -- Moore Arena, Showring 1
1 -- 3 pmYouth Cattle Working Contest -- Anderson Coliseum
3 -- 4 pmYouth Commercial Replacement Heifer Show -- Moore Arena, Showring 1
3 -- 4:30 pmYouth Hereford Show -- Moore Arena, Showring 2
4 -- 4:30 pmYouth Shorthorn Show -- Moore Arena, Showring 1
4:30 -- 5 pmContest Awards Presentation -- Moore Arena, Showring 1
5 -- 7 pmYouth All-Breeds Steer Show -- Moore Arena, Showrings 1 & 2

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