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Beef Quality Corner - 1998 Industry Target Steers

Livestock Update, April 1999

Phil Clauer, Poultry Extension Specialist, Small Flocks/4-H Youth, Virginia Tech

The "Industry Target Steer" recognition program was initiated by the Virginia Cattle Feeder Association to help the industry focus in on the type of cattle demanded. The program recognizes finished steers in either junior livestock shows or the Virginia Retained Ownership program which meet a minimum set of standards for both growth and carcass performance. The standards serve as guidelines for the type of cattle producers need to be breeding and feeding.

The carcass standards for the program are the result of the information gathered in the 1995 National Beef Quality Audit. To qualify for "Industry Target Steer" status, the steer's carcass must meet each of the criteria below as well as put on at least 3.0 pounds per day while on feed. The performance standards of the program are aimed at the needs of the cattle feeder, packer, and consumer.

Industry Targets
    Average daily gain on feed    3.0 lb. or greater
Carcass weight625 - 850 lb.
Back fat thickness.5 inch or less
Ribeye area12.0 to 16.0 sq. inches
USDA Yield Gradeless than 3.0
USDA Quality GradeChoice - or better

The standards may look relatively easy to achieve, but requiring that each of the carcass goals be met while still achieving 3 pounds per day feedlot gain has proven difficult. Of the 271 steers consigned to the Virginia ROP program and harvested during 1998, only 75 head or roughly 27% qualified. The 1998 numbers do compare favorably with the 1997 total of only 9% and speaks favorably of the sorting program at Decatur County Feed Yard where the ROP steers are currently being fed.

1997-98 Virginia R.O.P. "Industry Target" Steers
ROP ConsignorCountyROP TagHide ColorAvg. Daily GainAge (Mos.)Carc. Wt.Back Fat (in.)Ribeye Area (sq. in.)Yield GradeGrade
Charlie AbercrombiePittsylvania247White4.0018.38380.1613.02.01Choice -
Charlie AbercrombiePittsylvania248White4.1818.18090.1714.21.56Choice -
Charlie AbercrombiePittsylvania312White3.4015.88350.1314.31.62Choice -
Benfield FarmAugusta361Black5.3012.07250.4112.12.92Choice -
Benfield FarmAugusta362Gray3.4214.88040.1212.12.19Choice -
Charlie ClarkSmyth403Gray3.1014.77690.1412.32.04Choice -
Charlie ClarkSmyth404Gray3.6015.88280.1312.42.19Choice -
Charlie ClarkSmyth409Black3.9713.17570.1212.12.01Choice -
Charlie ClarkSmyth411Gray3.3514.77250.1513.91.38Choice
Charlie ClarkSmyth413Black3.7614.06890.4012.32.68Choice -
Charlie ClarkSmyth414Gray3.2413.87310.1512.51.80Choice -
Jerry EnghPrince William278Red3.7717.57330.1312.71.74Choice -
Jerry EnghPrince William282Red3.3216.46950.1513.41.44Choice -
Frankford FarmClarke170Black3.6617.17550.4613.52.59Choice
Frankford FarmClarke171BWF3.5215.87220.3913.72.44Choice -
Dave GardnerFloyd322BWF3.1415.07460.1412.21.95Choice -
Dave GardnerFloyd323BWF4.2314.38310.1313.31.92Choice -
Dave GardnerFloyd324Black3.9812.77460.4612.92.77Choice -
Dave GardnerFloyd326Black4.2813.37190.4412.72.77Choice -
Dave GardnerFloyd331BWF3.7914.78340.4013.82.75Choice -
Rob HarrisonAlbemarle163Black4.5214.27380.3713.62.47Choice -
Rob HarrisonAlbemarle164Black3.8817.27770.4213.22.77Choice -
Rob HarrisonAlbemarle165Black3.7716.27200.1614.91.08Choice -
Rob HarrisonAlbemarle167Black5.1416.97980.3812.92.95Choice -
Rob HarrisonAlbemarle332Black3.7314.66990.2712.02.38Choice -
Rob HarrisonAlbemarle334Black5.5012.27070.4112.82.62Prime
Rob HarrisonAlbemarle339Black3.4912.36270.4012.52.28Choice -
Rob HarrisonAlbemarle341Black4.1314.18340.4013.22.95Prime
Rob HarrisonAlbemarle342Black3.7514.67830.1213.41.69Choice CAB
Scott HeslepRockbridge472Black4.1216.97130.4513.12.53Choice -
Scott HeslepRockbridge483Black3.6916.27770.3613.02.59Choice -
Scott HeslepRockbridge485Black4.0816.97590.4113.22.68Choice -
Hounshell FarmsWythe316BWF3.1015.37560.1413.81.50Choice -
Hounshell FarmsWythe317BWF3.0915.18270.1312.92.04Choice -
Hounshell FarmsWythe319Black4.1614.17880.1212.81.89Choice -
Hounshell FarmsWythe320Gray4.0214.67590.1212.31.95Choice -
Huntland FarmLoudoun285Black4.1917.97880.1213.41.71Choice -
Huntland FarmLoudoun286Black4.8117.78250.1914.61.53Choice -
Huntland FarmLoudoun289Black5.0816.27290.3915.31.96Choice -
Huntland FarmLoudoun290Black5.4517.18240.1513.21.95Choice -
Huntland FarmLoudoun291Black4.6817.48400.1213.21.95Choice
Huntland FarmLoudoun292Black6.0415.57130.1612.71.65Choice -
Knight Cattle Co.Madison441Black3.2316.87790.4112.82.89Choice -
Maymont FarmRockingham448Black3.4015.57290.4413.12.68Choice -
Maymont FarmRockingham452Black4.0116.48330.4215.12.38Choice -
Maymont FarmRockingham453Black4.0515.67460.1513.41.62Choice -
Maymont FarmRockingham456Black3.5814.16770.1412.51.62Choice -
Maymont FarmRockingham460Black3.9116.07680.1614.51.38Choice -
Maymont FarmRockingham462Gray4.0716.48260.4315.22.35Choice -
Maymont FarmRockingham466Black4.2917.07580.4012.52.89Choice CAB
Maymont FarmRockingham470Black4.1414.57310.4412.22.97Choice +
Jerry McCoyRockbridge243Gray4.0217.36900.1314.01.17Choice -
Jerry McCoyRockbridge244Black4.0018.37150.1612.31.77Choice -
Jerry McCoyRockbridge377RWF4.0914.48150.4312.92.95Choice -
Jerry McCoyRockbridge378BWF4.0715.98340.1112.02.31Choice -
Jerry McCoyRockbridge383Black4.4014.07840.4012.22.98Choice -
Jerry McCoyRockbridge385Gray3.7214.27700.1412.61.95Choice -
Jerry McCoyRockbridge387Black3.5515.87830.1212.91.86Choice -
Jerry McCoyRockbridge392Black3.9315.78470.1413.51.95Choice -
Joe MeekPulaski424Black3.298280.1414.21.65Choice -
Joe MeekPulaski426BWF3.688340.3613.32.71Choice -
Joe MeekPulaski427Black3.917130.4412.72.65Choice -
Joe MeekPulaski430Black3.037910.1213.61.65Choice CAB
A.C. ShackelfordAlbemarle294Black4.0622.07490.4714.62.26Choice -
A.C. ShackelfordAlbemarle296Black3.8621.47560.4613.52.59Choice -
Terry SlusherFloyd217BWF5.4515.48340.1414.31.62Choice -
Terry SlusherFloyd221BWF5.4716.68060.1514.81.38Choice -
Terry SlusherFloyd228Gray3.8817.58150.4014.22.56Choice
Smitten FarmFauquier258BWF4.0015.17320.4113.12.62Choice -
Smitten FarmFauquier260Black4.2314.57300.1414.11.32Choice -
Smitten FarmFauquier261Black3.4914.96910.1312.51.55Choice -
Smitten FarmFauquier265Black4.7315.47690.1513.81.59Choice -
Smitten FarmFauquier270Black3.5114.46730.4814.52.02Choice
Jim SponaugleHighland498Black4.2116.88260.4315.52.26Choice -
Averages4.0115.77660.2713.32.14Choice -

Youth exhibiting steers as 4-H and FFA projects are also eligible to receive recognition for producing "Industry Target Steers." At those shows that collect carcass information, the data is analyzed to identify those steers that meet the criteria. For the Virginia State Fair the minimum average daily gain requirement is waived.

1998 Virginia Youth "Industry Target" Steers
ExhibitorCountyShow LocationAvg. Daily GainCarc. Wt.Back Fat (in.)Ribeye Area (sq. in.)Yield GradeQuality Grade

Randy HuntHighlandHighland Co.4.107680.3015.71.60Choice -
Mike SponaugleHighlandHighland Co.3.407490.3013.82.15Choice
Casey RalstonHighlandHighland Co.3.086440.3012.32.20Choice -
Payton DoyleGreensvilleVA State Fairn/a7920.2014.31.83Choice -
Jennifer PayneLoudounVA State Fairn/a7680.4014.02.34Choice
Chelsea WiebenLoudounVA State Fair   n/a8290.3513.52.71Choice +
Jason WilesFrederickVA State Fairn/a8500.2015.12.00Choice
Jamie BeamerLoudounVA State Fairn/a7310.3514.12.14Choice -
J. T. BegoonAugustaVA State Fairn/a7510.3013.72.32Choice -
Joshua WynkoopLoudounVA State Fairn/a7940.2513.42.25Choice -
Averages7680.3014.02.15Choice -

VPF Youth Convention & 4-H Contest Date Change
The Virginia Poultry Federation Youth Convention and State 4-H Judging Contest has had to change dates. The activity will now take place on May 7, 1999, due to a conflict at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds.

Please make note of this change.

Pre-registration is required. Contact: Phillip J. Clauer 540-231-9185 or for more information

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