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1998-99 Virginia BCIA Bull Test and Sale Summary

Livestock Update, June 1999

Scott Greiner, Extension Animal Scientist, Beef,, Virginia Tech

The Virginia Beef Cattle Improvement Association central bull tests evaluated a total of 438 bulls consigned by 121 Virginia BCIA members during the 1998-99 test season. The bulls were tested at two locations (Culpeper and Wytheville), in four test groups with test lengths ranging from 112 to 140 days. The 458 bulls had an average test gain of 3.53 lb./day and an average adjusted yearling weight of 1150 pounds. Average performance by breed was: 335 Angus- 3.58 ADG, 1152 YW; 53 Simmental- 3.48 ADG, 1190 YW; 24 Polled Hereford- 3.27 ADG, 1070 YW; 12 Charolais- 3.34 ADG, 1120 YW; 11 Gelbvieh- 3.05 ADG, 1085 YW; 2 Salers- 3.53 ADG, 1150 YW; and 1 Limousin- 2.59 ADG, 963 YW. The top two-thirds of each test group, based on ADG and YW, were eligible for sale. Three sales were conducted, and the 289 bulls sold received an average price of $1697. Number sold in each breed and average price were as follows: 219 Angus- $1751; 35 Simmental- $1566; 15 Polled Hereford- $1737; 9 Charolais- $1217; 9 Gelbvieh- $1411; and 2 Salers- $1225. Of the 238 bulls sold, 194 sold in Virginia and 44 out-of-state. For information concerning the 1999-2000 tests and sales, contact the Virginia BCIA office at (540) 231-9163.

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