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1999-2000 Virginia BCIA Central Bull Tests

Livestock Update, June 1999

Scott Geiner, Extension Animal Scientist, Beef,, Virginia Tech

Rules and regulations for the 1999-2000 Virginia Central Bull Tests and Sales will be available June 1. Bulls will be tested at two locations- Glenmary Farm in Rapidan, Va., and the Southwest Bull Test Station owned by Danny Umberger in Wytheville, Va. Each test station will test a group of Senior (fall-born) and Junior (spring-born) bulls, for a total of four test groups. The top two-thirds of each test group will be eligible for sale based on test performance. Registered bulls of all breeds born between September 1, 1998 and March 31, 1999 are eligible. For breeders wishing to performance test but not sell their bulls, a custom test will also be conducted at Glenmary Farm. These custom test bulls will be evaluated as a separate contemporary group in conjuction with the Culpeper Senior bulls (born September 1 through December 15, 1998). Breeders in Virginia and bordering states who are members of Virginia BCIA are eligible to consign bulls. For more information regarding the 1999-2000 tests, contact the Virginia BCIA office at (540) 231-9163. Consignment intentions for the 1999-2000 Central Bull Tests are due June 30.

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