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Virginia Poultry Federation Contest Results

Livestock Update, June 1999

Phil Clauer, Animal and Poultry Sciences, Virginia Tech

The Virginia Poultry Federation judging contest was held at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds on Friday, May 7, 1999. Total participation in the judging contest was 24 teams and 104 individuals. This contest also serves as the State 4-H Judging Contest. Results in each division were as follows:

What follows are the 4-H and FFA Results:

Division I - Junior 4-H
1st -Fairfax County 4-H
Coached by Marty Green
Team members: James Galante, Charlotte Hansen, Erin Johnson, Preston Hansen
2nd -Culpeper County 4-H
1st -Erin JohnsonFairfax County6th -Emily HiblCulpeper County
2nd -James GalanteFairfax County7th -Terri HiblCulpeper County
3rd -Molly HiblCulpeper County8th -Preston HansenFairfax County
4th -Charlotte HansenFairfax County9th -Jenna StallingsCulpeper County
5th -Alex NepplFairfax County
Division II - Senior 4-H
1st -Fairfax County 4-H
Coached by Marty Green
Team members: Stephanie Wear, Stephanie Clark, Ricki Lovett, Laura Galante
2nd -Rockingham County 4-H
1st -Laura GalanteFairfax County6th -Lee ThreewittsRockingham County
2nd -Stephanie WearFairfax County7th -Monica GanleyFairfax County
3rd -Ricki LovettFairfax County8th -Beth RitchieRockingham County
4th -Stephanie ClarkFairfax County9th -Jamie StallingsCulpeper County
5th -Wes WestfallRockingham County
Division I - Junior FFA
1st -Sherando FFA
Coached by Mark Hawkins
Team members: Jesse Brown, Chad Hawkes, Terry Dellinger, Adam Hoover
2nd -Central FFA
1st -Karen WarnerTurner Ashby6th -Derek RitenourCentral
2nd -Terry DellingerSherando7th -Samuel DellingerCentral
3rd -Tommy KellerSignal Knob8th -Josh StephensPeter Muhlenberg
4th -Joshua BausermanCentral9th -Chad HawkesSherando
5th -Jesse BrownSherando10th -Craig SwearingenSignal Knob
Division II - Senior FFA
1st -Spotswood-Gold
Coached by Wayne Cupp
Team members: Adam Bowman, Sarah Liskey, Ronnie Marshall, Meg Welsh
2nd -Turner Ashby
1st -Meg WelshSpotswood-Gold6th -Mandy LambertTurner Ashby
2nd -Autumn FullerSherando7th -Andrea MandervilleTurner Ashby
3rd -Sarah LiskeySpotswood-Gold8th -Jeanie FulkTurner Ashby
4th -Bradley ShifflettTurner Ashby9th -Julie CislerSherando
5th -Adam BowmanSpotswood-Gold10th -Caleb DavisSpotswood-Blue

I would like to thank all the supporters of the Youth Convention -- WLR, Inc., Tysons, Perdue, Rocco, Faraway Farm Eggs and Glenwood Farms. Rockingham Poultry Servicemen's Committee sponsored the judging contest awards again this year.

A special thanks to the USDA Graders Service and Virginia Tech Extension Poultry Specialists for helping set-up the contest and serving as officials.

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