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Morven Farms Named
Beef Improvement Federation
Seedstock Producer of The Year

Livestock Update, July 1999

Scott Greiner, Extension Animal Scientist, Beef, Virginia Tech

Roanoke, Virginia -- The Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) honored John Kluge's Morven Farms as the Seedstock Producer of the Year Award at the 31st Annual Convention in Roanoke, Virginia.

Beginning with the original Albemarle County land purchase in 1982, John Kluge's Morven Farms has grown to 10 individual farm tracts encompassing nearly 8,500 acres owned and 3,500 leased acres. Approximately one-fourth of this acreage is devoted to cattle; the remainder to thoroughbred horses, grain, hay and timber enterprises. These farms are home to approximately 1,000 registered Angus, Charolais, and Simmental females and additional 200-plus commercial - recipient herd. Every calf bred at Morven is by an AI sire and is performance tested and objectively measured and evaluated for economically important traits. Additionally, where carcass data EPDs are available, Morven cattle are bred to be positive for both marbling and ribeye area. The breeding philosophy is best summed up as "Total Balanced Trait Selection". An aggressive on-farm embryo transfer program generates about 500 embryos per year.

Thirty Morven sires are listed in Sire Summaries in three different breeds; five more are awaiting proofs while being feature at three difference AI studs. Live cattle from Morven have been sold in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, New Zealand and Venezuela; embryos have been sold into the aforementioned countries plus Chile and Costa Rico, and nearly every state within the continental U.S. Semen has also been distributed internationally.

Morven personnel have provided technical training and consultation services in Nigeria, Poland and Russia, additionally, they have appraised cattle in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. International agricultural specialist tour Morven on a frequent basis. Morven possesses on eof the very first USDA approved quarantine/isolation facilities for exportation to Australia/New Zealand. Additionally, Morven has commercial back grounding/finishing facilities with a one-time capacity of 2,500 head. Morven partnered with the Ukrops Bros. of Richmond, Va., to help form PM BEEF LLC, an integrated, value-based beef distribution alliance.

The Beef Improvement Federation is proud to recognize Morven Farms as the 1999 BIF Seedstock Producer of the Year.

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