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1999 State 4-H Livestock Judging Contest Results

Livestock Update, August 1999

4-Hers from 12 different counties came to Blacksburg on June 26 for the State 4-H Livestock Judging Contest. They judged classes of beef cattle, sheep, and swine, interpreted performance records, answered questions, and gave reasons. A total of 92 contestants competed in this event.

Winners in the Junior Division (members age 9 through 13) are summarized below. There were 46 contestants with 12 teams of 3 or 4 members who represented 10 different counties.
Top Ten Teams by Category
(top 3 members compose team total)
  Top Ten Individuals by Category
(Ties broken by reasons or questions by species)
Beef CattleBeef Cattle
Rank Team ScoreRank Contestant County Score
1Pittsylvania A5121Matt DeaconRockbridge180
2Shenandoah A5102John FunkhouserShenandoah175
3Rockingham B4433Lauren SinkPittsylvania174
4Washington4414Daniel LoganShenandoah172
5Wythe4365Graham WynnPittsylvania171
6Rockbridge4366Eric VanderhydePittsylvania167
7Hannah LindseyPittsylvania166
8Sarah PrattWythe165
9Samuel FunkhouserShenandoah163
10Adam WilsonWashington162
Rank Team ScoreRank Contestant County Score
1Wythe4061Eric VanderhydePittsylvania150
2Rockingham A3882Sarah PrattWythe148
3Amelia3853Hunter WilsonWythe147
4Washington3804Graham WynnPittsylvania142
5Pittsylvania A3765Samuel FunkhouserShenandoah141
6Melissa MotleyPittsylvani139
7Colleen BuckleyFauquier136
8Andy ButlerFauquier136
9Paul BurgessRockingham133
10Laura FordRockingham133
Rank Team ScoreRank Contestant County Score
1Rockingham A4911Hunter WilsonWythe182
2Augusta A4692Laura FordRockingham180
3Pittsylvania A4383Jessica RohrbaughAugusta166
4Amelia4324Melissa MotleyPittsylvania164
5Wythe4275David LiskeyRockingham160
6Graham WinnPittsylvania157
7Bryant BurkeAmelia157
8Colleen BuckleyFauquier156
9Eric VanderhydePittsylvania154
10Cory ButlerFauquier154
Rank Team ScoreRank Contestant County Score
1Pittsylvania A1241Eric VanderhydePittsylvania44
2Rockingham A1222Paul BurgessRockingham43
3Pittsylvania B1203Kathryn TaylorAmelia43
4Rockingham B1194David LiskeyRockingham42
5Wythe1185Lauren SinkPittsylvania42
6Sarah PrattWythe41
7Melissa MotleyPittsylvania41
8Laura FordRockingham41
9Hunter WilsonWythe40
10Samuel FunkhouserShenandoah40
Total ScoreTotal Score
Rank Team ScoreRank Contestant County Score
1Pittsylvania A13261Hunter WilsonWythe478
2Shenandoah A12932Eric VanderhydePittsylvania471
3Rockingham A12803Graham WinnPittsylvania470
4Wythe12694Laura Ford Rockingham445
5Pittsylvania B11885Sarah PrattWythe443
6Amelia11636Samuel FunkhouserShenandoah438
7Augusta A11597Garrett IrvineAugusta437
8Fauquier A11378Colleen BuckleyFauquier436
9Augusta B11369John FunkhouserShenandoah435
10Washington110410David LiskeyRockingham427

In the Senior Division 46 Individuals and 10 teams of 3 or 4 members participated. They represented 10 different counties. The winners in each category are shown below.
Top Ten Teams by Category
(top 3 members compose team total)
  Top Ten Individuals by Category
(Ties broken by reasons or questions by species)
Beef CattleBeef Cattle
Rank Team ScoreRank Contestant County Score
1Rockingham A6401Bo KnightRockingham235
2Shenandoah A6312Jennifer ShowalterRockbridge231
3Amelia6233Whitney LindseyPittsylvania224
4Rockbridge6184Jonathan ColemanAugusta223
5Augusta A5975Rebecca BegoonRockingham218
6Abbi CoppShenandoah217
7Jessica BrickerAmelia216
8Rachel SwortzelAugusta214
9Jennifer BrickeAmelia212
10Jason ArehartAugusta211
Rank Team ScoreRank Contestant County Score
1Rockingham A5401Rebecca BegoonRockingham187
2Augusta A5402Neal BuchananAugusta184
3Pittsylvania B5313Jonathan SideMadison181
4Amelia5164Emily CurryAugusta181
5Shenandoah A5145Jessica SinkPittsylvania180
6John DillardAmelia180
7Rachel SwortzelAugusta180
8Carrie HeizerAugusta180
9Bo KnightRockingham179
10Ronnie FunkhouserShenandoah178
Rank Team ScoreRank Contestant County Score
1Pittsylvania A6641Nicole RossShenandoah234
2Rockingham A6612Neal BuchananAugusta233
3Augusta A6513Rebecca BegoonRockingham233
4Augusta C6464Tim GregoryPittsylvania230
5Amelia6365Adam MotleyPittsylvania227
6Matt SwitzerRockingham224
7Jennifer BrickerAmelia223
8Jonathan SidesMadison223
9John RieckPittsylvania223
10James HankinsPittsylvania223
Rank Team ScoreRank Contestant County Score
1Rockingham A5111Rebecca BegoonRockingham175
2Amelia4972Jennifer BrickerAmelia173
3Augusta A4573Bo KnightRockingham168
4Pittsylvania A4564John DillardAmelia168
5Shenandoah A4485Matt SwitzerRockingham168
6Neal BuchananAugusta163
7Jonathan SidesMadison163
8Abbi CoppShenandoah160
9Adam MotleyPittsylvania158
10Sarah LiskeyRockingham158
Total ScoreTotal Score
Rank Team ScoreRank Contestant County Score
1RockinghamA18201Rebecca BegoonRockingham638
2Augusta A17652Jennifer BrickerAmelia612
3Amelia17513Bo KnightRockingham611
4Pittsylvania A17054Rachel SwortzelAugusta609
5Pittsylvania B16955Nicole RossShenandoah599
6Shenandoah A16906Emily CurryAugusta598
7Augusta C16787Whitney LindseyPittsylvania598
8Augusta B16708Neal BuchananAugusta593
9Rockbridge A15969Jonathan SideMadison593
10Rockingham B150810Carrie HeizerAugusta592

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