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Results Virginia State 4-H Horse Judging Contest
June 23, 1999
Virginia Horse Center -- Lexington, Virginia

Livestock Update, August 1999

Larry A. Lawrence, Extension Animal Scientist, Horses, Virginia Tech

 Name and County Score County Score
1.Cameron Nuckols, Goochland 608Hanover C1739
2.Kristen Grzech, Fauquier595Fauquier1687
3.Libby Haynes, Lee595Lee1675
4.Rebecca Vanderhoff, Hanover C592Botetourt1633
5.Nicole Long, Clark584Albemarle1633
6.Summer Gentry, Goochland580
7.Micah Pugh, Rockingham578
8.Julie McNeil, Botetourt577
9.Carmen Smith, Hanover C575
10.Blair Costin, Hanover C572

Winning Senior Team Members:
Rebecca Vanderhoff, Carmen Smith, Blair Costin, Kelly Pitts

 Name and County Score County Score
1.Lindsey Williamson, Madison A 407Chesterfield1168
2.Cody Armstrong, Highland405Madison A1159
3.Brooke Pettit, Albemarle B399Albemarle B1157
4.Jessie Parker, Chesterfield396Albemarle A1156
5.Erin Tilson, Dinwiddie395Highland1136
6.Jessica Owen, Franklin B392
7.Kayla Carter, Albemarle A390
8.Cassie Nichol, Goochland389
9.Lauren Ryalls, Albemarle B388
10.Jessica Beale, Chesterfield387

Winning Junior Team Members:
Chesterfield: Megan Conley, Jessica Beale, Maggie Loomer, Jessie Parker

Total of 111 contestants - 18 Junior Teams - 19 Senior Teams (? #) Classes (Four sets of reasons for Seniors)

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