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1999 State Fair Junior Market Hog Show

Livestock Update, November 1999

Allen Harper, Extension Animal Scientist, Swine, Tidewater AREC

The 1999 State Fair Junior Market Hog Show was held on October 3 in Richmond. The judge for the 1999 show was Mr. Mike Bayse of Ohio State University Cooperative Extension. Prior to joining OSU, Mike Bayse worked as a swine seedstock fieldman and as a commercial swine producer.

Thirty-three youth exhibitors showed a total of 92 market hogs. Ryan Horsley of Virginia Beach garnered double honors in the market hog pairs competition, winning grand champion with one pair and reserve grand champion with his second pair entry. The grand champion pair weighed 255 and 249 lbs. and produced carcasses that weighed 196 and 195 lbs., respectively. Percentage of lean as determine by optical probe at Gwaltney of Smithfield packing plant was 58 and 55%. The reserve champion pair weighed 268 and 262 lbs. on the hoof but optical probe data could not be determined due to tattoo loss.

Jesse Clark of Edinburg exhibited the grand champion single. This 258 lb. entry produced a 207 lb. carcass with backfat depth of 13 millimeters and loin depth of 55 millimeters. Calculated percentage lean using the Gwaltney formula was 58%.

The reserve champion single was exhibited by Ken Ryan of Mt. Jackson. This 256 lb. entry produced a 199 lb. carcass with 13 millimeters of backfat and a loin depth of 67 millimeters. Lean percentage was calculated to be 59%.

Showmanship classes were held for novice, junior and senior level exhibitors. Winners included Alex Neppl of Herndon for the novice class, Kallie Hovatter of Mt. Jackson for the junior class and David Massie of Amissville for the senior level showmanship class.

Ryan Horsley received the Virginia Pork Industry Association sweepstakes plaque for having the greatest number of first, second and third place class finishes. This award is based on cumulative point totals with 5 points for each first place, 4 points for each second place and 3 points for each third place finish in the show classes.

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