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The 4-H Horse Program
The 4-H Horse Program is designed to help youth develop a sense of community within the horse world. The 4-H'ers learn about the science and nature of horses and the art of equitation and horsemanship through progressive learning project series. There is a riding series and a horse science series that does not require ownership of a horse. The "horseless horse projects" are fun and informative for urban and school clubs or anyone interested in horses that does not own one. The riding series progresses from novice through horsemaster at the highest level.

The broad range of activities, projects and events available to 4-H'ers helps develop life skills, leadership, a sense of volunteerism, and sportsmanship. Mentors are a key element of this family oriented project. The 4-H Horse Program is active, fun, educational and challenging.

To find out more about Virginia's 4-H program contact your local
Virginia Cooperative Extension office or visit the 4-H web site.
Dr. Larry
Virginia 4-H is a program of Virginia Cooperative Extension - Knowledge for the Commonwealth
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