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Growing wheat means working within the seasons of the year. September is the beginning of the crop year on Brandon Plantation, a Virginia wheat farm. Farm manager, Courtney Price explains that this is the time to plant wheat. Planting wheat is the beginning of the year.

The wheat is planted between the harvest of two other crops, corn and soybeans. Spring is corn-planting time on Brandon Plantation. The soybeans are planted in late June and early July after the wheat is harvested.

Courtney likes to watch the wheat grow through the winter and spring. He watches for problems in the wheat as it grows. If there are problems such as disease or insects, he works to correct them. He adds fertilizer when needed to make the plants grow better and faster.

In December, January, and February the farmer does more than watch the wheat grow. He repairs equipment and goes to meetings to learn the latest ways to do his job. When the weather gets warm, he is ready for the work the growing season brings.

The wheat is harvested in June after it has turned an amber color and the heads have swelled with mature kernels. Courtney uses a combine to harvest the wheat.

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