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4-H Virtual Forest
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Agriculture, Human and Natural Resources Information Technology

Content Creators

Dan Goerlich, Extension Agent
Dr. Jeff Kirwan, Extension Specialist, 4-H Youth Development
Joe Hunnings, Extension Specialist, 4-H Youth Development
Jim Willis, Extension Agent
Jason Fisher, Extension Agent

Illustration/Macromedia Flash Programming

Carl Estes, Instructional Technologist

Web Design

Elaine Oliver, Web Designer

Video Production

Gabrielle Amos Minnich, Field Producer, University Relations
Joshua Napier, Videographer/Editor, University Relations


Dr. Lex Bruce, Extension Specialist, Program Evaluation


Many thanks to:

Karen Cronin for her assistance with the Tree Detective module; Megan Crawford for providing the voice for Sprawl; M.V. Kerns, Aimie McCabe, Morgan McDowell, Tammy Stith, and Blake Waller for appearing in Let's Cruise!!!; Michael Crozier for appearing in Timberrr!; and Dr. James E. Johnson, Associate Dean of Outreach and Professor of Forestry, for contributing the feller-buncher and skidder photographs for Timberrr!.


Special thanks to the following individuals for their review and comment:

Scott Barrett, Extension Forester, CNR (Timberrr!); Dr. Kathleen Jamison, Extension Specialist, 4-H / Youth Development Curriculum & Learning, (The Tree Detective, Old Field Succession); Dr. Jim Parkhurst, Associate Professor and Extension Specialist, CNR (Sprawl); Dr. John Seiler, Honorable & Mrs. Shelton H. Short Professor of Forestry, CNR (The Tree Detective, Photosynthesis).