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Quickbooks for Greenhouse/Nursery Businesses Workshops

Farm Business Management Update, October 2001

By Jim Pease, Joyce Latimer, and Gordon Groover

(for driving directions visit the office websites listed below)

October 29-31, 2001

Louisa County Extension Office
1 Woolfolk Avenue
Louisa, VA 23093-0399
Phone: (540) 967-3422
County homepage:

November 27-29, 2001

James City Extension Office
3127 Forge Road
Toano, VA 23168-0069
Phone: (757) 566-1367
County homepage:


Participants in these three-day workshops will learn how to organize and maintain QuickBooks financial records for their greenhouse/nursery businesses and how to use such records to produce critical information for management decision-making. Examples and take-home materials specifically designed for the greenhouse/nursery business are used. The workshop is taught at the introductory level.

Instructors are Gordon Groover and Jim Pease, Agribusiness Management Specialists with Virginia Cooperative Extension. Computers, software, and materials for the training are provided. Workshops begin at 9AM and end at 4PM each day. Registration is limited to 17 participants per workshop. Workshop requires a minimum of 10 participants.

For more information, call:
Gordon Groover, (540) 231-5850;
Jim Pease, (540) 231-4178;
Joyce Latimer, (540) 231-7906;

Workshop Outline

Setting up your company in QuickBooks

Customer sales

Paying bills


Keeping your checkbook


The use of QuickBooks® software is solely for the purpose of instruction. Such use does not imply any preference for QuickBooks or discrimination against similar software.

Download Quickbooks for Greenhouse/Nursery Businesses Pre-Registration Form -- Word document

Contact the authors at: - Gordon Groover - Jim Pease - Joyce Latimer

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