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Old Field Succession: What happens to farm fields if they are left alone for many years? They turn back into forest! This process is called old-field succession, and boy is it cool!
Photosynthesis, Putting Together with Light: Did you know that trees and plants can make their own food, but animals can't? Trees and plants make food and produce oxygen through an interesting process called photosynthesis.
Let's Cruise!!!: Measuring trees to estimate the volume of timber in a forest is an important part of a forester's job. See how foresters use mathematic principles that you learn in school!
Sprawl: Conserving natural resources while human populations grow is a real challenge. Watch what happens to Shady Grove as a nearby city grows larger!
Timberrr!: Check out the machines used to harvest timber. See how loggers get trees from the woods to factories where products are made that we use every day.
Trees, The Renewable Resource: A nature resource is something obtained from nature that is useful to people. See how a renewable resource like trees will last forever if we use good management.
The Tree Detective: Learning to identify trees is fun and important. Once you've learned more about trees you can help the Tree Detective solve a mystery!